The Best Juicers Machines to choose

The Best Juicers Machines to choose

Fresh juice provides a huge boost to your health. The fresh, zingy juices you can produce yourself are a world apart from the thick gloopy syrup found in cartons and jars in supermarkets. Even the so-called best ‘fresh’ juices you will find in the refrigerated section are inferior to your own homemade juices via the best juicers machines. They are mostly pasteurized (heat-treated) to help them keep fresher for longer on the shelf, which means loss of nutrients and quality. Now, you want to start juicing with your own machines; you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the different models of juicers in the market, which we will discuss in detail.

First, we would like to disclose the types of best juicers machines before deep-diving into the benefits of using juicer machines.

Types of Best Juicers Machines

Basically, juicers fall into 03 major types: masticating, centrifugal, and citrus juicing machines. The first 02 types are most commonly used among users, but we will briefly elaborate on all three types.

Masticating Juicer

The word mastication means to chew or grind slowly and into a pulp. This is exactly how these best juicers machines work. It works much slower as compared to centrifugal juicing machines by applying pressure on the food. They are required to process and slowly turning them into a paste. Moreover, it comes in single and twin gear designs, providing a powerful method to mash and crush the ingredients. It can be used for various functions such as making nut milk, ice cream, butter, making pasta and noodles, and processing wheat-grass and lemongrass. At last, the cleaning process is quite simple, which makes things easier for the user.

Centrifugal Juicer

Apart from a masticating juicer, another type of juicer available in the market today is known as a centrifugal juicer. It’s ingeniously designed with a large feeding chute, allowing a user to produce fresh juices without preparing much. It works by spinning the ingredients at high speed, thereby spinning them into a pulp, and it works fast to make the juice.  The juice is turned out through a fine metal mesh into a jug, and the pulp is channeled into a residue bucket or pot.


Citrus Juicer

Citrus juicing machines are mainly designed for citrus fruits, such as grapefruit, oranges, lime, and lemon. It’s ingeniously designed by taking a halved fruit and pressing it onto a revolving or static cone that extorts the fruit. Some best juicers machines for citrus fruit come with hand-held pressing and some with lid pressing. You don’t need peeling fruits or vegetables, which makes juicing much easier to enjoy quality juices at home.

Benefits of Using Best Juicers Machines

There are many benefits of using a juicer to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Some of those benefits include:

Benefits of Using Best Juicers Machines


Saves Time

They make work easy and save time. Imagine trying to crush entire fruits and vegetables into a paste using your bare hands. Much as a masticating juicer is said to work slowly, it is a much better option when compared to doing the same manually on your own.

Unlocks Nutritional Benefits

A juicer unlocks the nutrients that are found within raw fruits and vegetables. Fiber is quite literally found on the skin of many fruits, and when one prepares the fruits without the use of a juicer, these parts are often discarded along with the nutrients they carry. Seeds and pits also carry an immense amount of minerals and vitamins that would also be lost when they are thrown away during preparation. Therefore, using a juicer ensures that all nutrients, minerals, and vitamins are not lost, and you can fully enjoy the full nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

Promote Healthy Lifestyle

The use of juicers promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. This is because one can only use fresh produce with the juicer, and that way, consuming processed foods is reduced to none. Apart from the obvious nutritional health benefits of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, using juicers also promotes healthy relationships between family members since the whole family can be involved in making the juice. It is a fantastic way to build a long-lasting family bond which is never a bad thing.

Best For Sensitive Tummies

Juicers are also a good choice for breaking down solid foods for a baby or a convalescent. Therefore, people with sensory needs can be taken care of effectively without giving them nutritional food.


Many people are using the best juicers machines to stay healthy these days. Some are using juicing to control or avoid degenerative diseases like diabetes. Others see it as just plain nutrition planning. Still, others would buy a juicer to combat the aging syndrome. It’s worth a try because giving kids healthy beverages which do not contain processed sugars can only be possible via homemade juices.

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