MAMA’S CHOICE Slow Masticating Juicer (Red) and Centrifugal Juicer Extractor (Gray) Whole Set for reviews

This is the best citrus press. Buying this type of product can be difficult, as several brands on the market boast of being the best choices in terms of value for money.

  MAMA’S CHOICE Slow Masticating Juicer (Red) and Centrifugal Juicer Extractor (Gray) Whole Set is the good model to choose.

Creating fresh fruit juices at home, produced from vegetables and fruits, is the way. But hard vegetables need more energy than a blender can offer.

MAMA'S CHOICE Slow Masticating Juicer (Red) and Centrifugal Juicer Extractor (Gray) Whole Set

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Cold press juicer of MAMA’S CHOICE can perfectly separate juice and pulp, extracting higher-purity juice and preserving higher nutritional value. Our auger spins at 47-60 RPM (UP TO 90% JUICE YIELD) that can preserves the vitamins and minerals. Besides, the slow masticating process produces minimal heat and oxidation, which helps keep the juice fresh longer. With our slow juicer, it’s easy to enjoy different flavors juice every moment.
LUCKY IN PAIRS – Our juicer machines with double feeder chutes(82MM+32MM). Extra wide big mouth can easily accommodate large ingredients like Apple, Orange and Pear. 38MM small mouth which is suitable for vegetables and small ingredients like Celery, Carrot and Spinach. Greatly reduces preparation and cleanup time, also less chopping of the ingredients could be reduce oxidation, friendly design!
PEACEFUL DAY AND NIGHT – Equipped with 200W motor, MAMA’S CHOICE cold press juicer will not exceed 60 decibels in operation. And the sound of less than 60 db won’t disturb your family or startle your pet when you juicing. This humanized design makes people you care feel full of love.

Masticating juicer vs centrifugal

In this case, the squeezing operation occurs by rotating the masticating juicer fruit around the unique cone. Masticating juicers of this type have a round shape and are not very tall. There are also models of these best juicers that work automatically.

When the motor of these best juicers is running, the cone spins quickly. In this way, the machine can extract the juice from the fruit placed on the cone. It is always advisable to exert light pressure on the citrus fruit to extract the juice better. In the case of the best double rotation juicers, the movement takes place both clockwise and counterclockwise. As a result, the juice extraction will be faster and more efficient, and you will be sure to really extract all the juice from the citrus of your choice!

Masticating juicer vs centrifugal juicer

In understanding whether a Masticating juicer or a centrifuge can be right for you, you will have to evaluate a series of elements, able to lead or not, to purchase the appliance.

  • First, it will be necessary to understand whether to prefer the centrifuge or the Masticating juicer, which can significantly affect the purchase price. The Masticating juicers cost more than the centrifuges, now more widespread and with a different technology than the former.
  • Secondly, it will be necessary to choose an appliance, between Centrifuges and Masticating juicer, which is easy to use and clean. In fact, devices that are difficult to disassemble or cannot be inserted into the dishwasher will make everyday life complex. The capacity will also be essential and can be high according to the family’s needs.

Finally, it would be better to opt for a stainless-steel appliance instead of plastic. The parts made of plastic material will stain in the long run (typical is the orange given by carrots, for example) and will not look as beautiful as at the time of purchase.


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